Our research is informed by human disease. We have utilized inherited predispositions to myeloid leukemia and recurring cytogenetic alterations in leukemia cells as entry points to search for genetic lesions that contribute to leukemogenesis. We model these mutations in the mouse, and use a combination of cell biologic, genetic, and biochemical strategies to uncover proteins and pathways, which are crucial for hematopoietic growth control and are undermined in leukemia. We are actively engaged in exploiting genetically engineered strains of mice as a tractable experimental system for testing novel therapeutic strategies. This research benefits from the collegial and interactive environment at UCSF and from collaborations with Scott Kogan, Nigel Killeen, Kevan Shokat, Tyler Jacks, Gideon Bollag, Michelle Le Beau, Scott Lowe, Jim Downing, Lynda Wolff, Luis Parada, and other investigators.